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Cell Phone Related Signs of a Cheating Husband

If you are noticing a change in your husband’s behavior, here are the cell phone based signs of a cheating spouse. Go through these and check if your spouse does the same. If the answer is yes, the chances are great that he/she is cheating on you:

  • Most of the time, he/she is busy on the phone.
  • He  is afraid of giving his phone to you.
  • He she often keeps his phone on flight mode when you are near him.
  • He deletes messages, photos and call details on regular basis.
  • He uses social media more than he used before.
  • He has still mentioned himself “single” on his social media profiles.
  • He changes the phone and social media passwords frequently.
  • All the main applications on his phone are locked with passwords.
  • He updates his profile picture or uploads the one which is either a solo shot of him or a picture with his friends.
  • He takes longer time to reply back to you even when he is online.
  • He uses the mobile phone whenever he gets free time and never leaves the phone unattended.
  • He avoids making or receiving calls when he is with you.

What can you do?

The best thing that you can do to verify those signs of a cheating spouse is tracking his/her cell phone and having a close eye on him/her. CARNEY DONELLY offer services for cyber-security, hack protection, anti-spy and more; they can help you hack the particular app or the entire activity on the phone to get present and deleted information through their ethical hacking skills. You can trust them for quick results and desired confidentiality.

Is My Wife Cheating? four Easy Ways to Catch a Cheating Wife/Girlfriend

Is my wife/girlfriend cheating?

1.Sneak into her Mobile History

Digging through the mobile history of your spouse will let you know a lot of things about their current interests. While people play smart and delete their computers’ browser history, cookies and other clues that might give out even a slight clue about their affairs, they might not actually be that smart. One can go and see the app history and destroy their efforts.

3.Phone Tracker Apps

While phone tracker apps were first made to find a lost phone, now they can be used to track your spouse’s location too. Such apps actually come very handy when you need to stalk your spouse without actually having to follow them everywhere they go.

4.Digital Investigation Services by Hackers for Hire

Now you can also contact Carney to conduct a digital investigation on your spouse. The experts can hack your spouse’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other social media account that you prefer to get hacked so that you can get the maximum clues out of it.


Cheaters in any relationship almost always share the same universal behaviors. If you observe the following suspicious behaviors you should consider contacting Top Gun Investigations in Tampa to for a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

The following list indicates common behaviors of a possible cheater:

  • Suspected cheater shows decreased (or increased) sexual interest
  • Suspected cheater shows a desire for new and unusual sexual positions or acts
  • Suspected cheater shows an increased use of Erectile Dysfunction drugs
  • Suspected cheater meets with co-workers and attends business gatherings without you
  • Suspected cheater immediately deletes texts and email messages when you are near
  • Suspected cheater has unknown phone numbers on their cell phone
  • Suspected cheater does not return routine phone calls from you while at work
  • Suspected cheater leaves the room to talk on the phone when you are near
  • Suspected cheater uses the computer alone or late at night after you go to bed
  • Suspected cheater’s mileage on the car does not match up with the stated destinations
  • Suspected cheater’s clothes smell of perfume, cologne, or even sex
  • Suspected cheater’s clothes have makeup or lipstick smudges that is not your brand
  • Suspected cheater suddenly starts doing their own laundry
  • Suspected cheater has credit card receipts for gifts that you did not receive
  • Suspected cheater has credit card receipts for gas purchases in unusual locations
  • Suspected cheater is suddenly using mostly cash instead of credit cards


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